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Austin, Minnesota, an American community, is shining the light on the path to building a safer, thriving, and happier community.

“Our Austin, Our America, a collaborative community project, focuses on equity and inclusion. Portrait photography and personal narratives tell the story of how immigrants, refugees, and other newcomers have made Austin, Minnesota, their home.  A photography exhibit features immigrants and refugees from around the world and community members who welcome and assist them. A traveling exhibit and book will follow.


Our Austin, Our America is made possible with support from Riverland Community College, The Hormel Foundation, Southeast Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC) and Apex Austin, a group of community members from government, business, education, and non-profit organizations who work together to make Austin a welcoming community.


Upcoming Events

Past Events

Portrait Display

"Our Austin, Our America" portrait exhibit


8am to 5pm

Austin City Hall 


"Our Austin, Our America" PORTRAIT EXHIBIT


​8am to 5pm

​Austin City Hall 


About William Taufic

The project brings the vision of William Taufic to life.  Taufic, an Austin native and son of an immigrant, was inspired to document Austin’s strategic approach to equity and inclusion.

William Taufic grew up in Austin, attended St. Augustine’s Grade School and Pacelli High School before graduating from St. Olaf College with a degree in Psychology. He has spent the last 41 years as a professional photographer in New York City and the world.


When he learned about the extensive influx of immigrants and refugees from more than 50 countries to his 25,000-population hometown of Austin, MN, he was compelled to tell the story in a book of photographic portraits.


To immerse himself in the new reality, he moved back to Austin. There he discovered a group of strategic minded stakeholders, key organizations and committed immigrants and refugees who came together to visualize and shape the future of the community. While the newcomers were working hard to start a new life, others are striving to assure that they and their families thrive in their new home. 

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